Religion and Society in Africa Scholar Database

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Namesort descending Affiliation Title/Position Email Research Interests
Emmanuel Kwabena Ansah Kingdom Equip Network Rev. Dr. Church governance, ethics, ecumenism
Fednand Manjewa Mbwangi Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), Society of New Testament Society of Southern Africa (NTSSA), Pwani University, Kenya (a lecturer) and University of Cape Town, South Africa ( PhD Student) Reverend A Socio Rhetorical Analysis (SRA) of; (1) Jewish-Christian Relations in the late first century CE as inferred from the Gospel of Matthew, particularly the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7); (2) the Ideology and Identity Politics in the Discourse of Early Christian communities.
Felix Kang Esoh Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Pastor Religion and Culture
Fr Evangelos Thiani Orthodox Church - Kenya Senior Lecturer , Practical Theology and Development Studies Religion and Development currently on tasks surrounding Gender and Development and Theology/ Church and Development, Church and Politics etc
Gabriel Obomese Nasarawa State University, Nigeria. Mr. Information Ethics/Religion and Society.
Geleta Simesso Denga Lead Star Theological College, New Generation University College, Mekane Yesus Seminary, KAICIID Ass. Prof Religion and Society, Inter religious dialogue, Religious extremism, Peace and non state actors, Religion and Development and related topics.
Girma Wojo Alalo Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) Reverend Biblical studies (New Testament), Leadership competency and Christian responses on social, political and economical affairs of a given country
Gishu Jebecha Ebissa Meserete Kristos College, Ethiopia Academic Dean Ethics, systematic theology and law
Godfrey Walalaze Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University: Institute of Justice and Peace/ Youth Peacemakers Organization Rev Church and Society, Interfaith Dialogue, Youth, Systematic Theology and Development.
Grace Sintim Adasi Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana Rev. Dr. Gender and Religious Freedom In Ghana